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Hope for the Future: "A Perfect Planet"

Sir David Attenborough Still Has Hope for Our Future

Sir David Attenborough is a legend, and a British national treasure. For those of us who grew up watching his BBC nature documentaries, he is a voice of calm, wisdom. He has been on the ground, reporting the effect of climate change on the natural world for decades. In this New York Times article promoting his new series “A Perfect Planet,” he offers us hope. He explains that “what this pandemic has done, in a very strange way, is made an awful lot of people suddenly aware of how valuable and important the natural world is to our psychic well-being.” More people are now “aware of the fragility and value of the natural world.”

Sir David is right—we’ve “had enough for the moment about disasters.” What we want to see are the “marvelous marvels” of nature, “the extraordinary resilience of the natural world and the marvelous way in which everything interdigitates.” For those of us in COVID-19 lockdown, we need the world brought to us. We want a reminder of what lies beyond the end of our street, and we all need a reminder of what we must protect.

(Image acknowledgment: Gavin Thurston/Discovery+/NYT)



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